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Türkiye At A Glance

Türkiye At A Glance


Location: Situated at the junction of Europe and Asia, Türkiye is an important crossroads between Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Türkiye’s land borders extend for more than 1,615 miles and are shared with eight countries: Greece and Bulgaria in the west and northwest, Iran in the east, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan in the northeast and Iraq and Syria in the south.

Area: 783,562 km²

Climate: Temperate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters

Natural resources: Gold, natural stones, boron, uranium and thorium and trona (sodium carbonate)

Population: 83.4 million (2019)

Government type: Presidential System of Government

Capital: Ankara

Currency: Turkish Liras (TRY)

Legal system: Civil law system based on various European legal systems, notably the Swiss civil code

GDP (current prices): USD 761 billion (2019)

GDP – real growth rate: 0.9% (2019)

GDP – per capita (current prices): USD 9,213 (2019)

Inflation rate (CPI): 15.2% (2019)

Exports: USD 171 billion (2019)

Exports – merchandise: Transport vehicles, textiles and apparel, iron and steel and electrical machinery and equipment

Exports – partners: Germany 9.2%, UK 6.2%, Iraq 5.7%, Italy 5.4%, USA 5%, UAE 2% (2019)

Imports: USD 203 billion (2019)

Imports – commodities: Fuels, boilers, machinery and equipment, iron and steel, plastic and articles, chemicals

Imports – partners: Russia 11%, Germany 9.2%, China 9.1%, USA 5.6%, Italy 4.4%, UAE 2.1% (2019)


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