The Power of Turkish Business


Alaca Restaurant

ALACA is a restaurant where the boundaries of Mediterranean cuisine and taste have been redrawn. A restaurant that will take you to the ancient region of Anatolia, a place where different nationalities and cultures of our ancestors are gathered.

When we look at our deep heritage, history, food culture and memories, we know that purity, simplicity and original history are at the core of everything. On this long journey we will embark on a new culinary language that is unique and limitless, inspired by our roots and facing the future.


Asil Restaurant

Asil is a balance of innovation, elegance and tradition in the realms of food, décor and musical style. A fusion of Arabesque cuisine with a blend of Lebanese, Turkish and Moroccan tastes, from the atmosphere to the cuisine. Here at Asil, we take a modern approach to the quintessential oriental touch, offering authentic flavors with a creative, contemporary twist. The restaurant, lounge, stage, terrace and bar, combine and evolve into a spectacular nightlife space after dinner. Our ethos is to encourage people from all walks of life to mix together and enjoy all that Asil has to offer. Turkish Business Council members have 20 % discount in food and beverages.


Butcha Turkish SteakHouse & Grill

Butcha is a Turkish steakhouse and butcher shop providing quality meat for dining in the restaurants and a retail offering for home consumption. Depending on the chosen type and cut, the meat is cooked over a wood fire or chargrill to match each customer’s specification. A wide variety of teaks, meat chops, rib, and veal cuts are also available to purchase in Butcha’s in-house butcher shop, providing quality meat for at home dining. Butcha is simply a cut above the rest because meat is in its DNA.

Butcha Steakhouse & Grill embraces the values of an old-fashioned butcher shop, taking an artisanal approach to its meats. Passionate about quality and cut above all, Butcha’s main aim is to deliver the best meat possible at great prices.


Huqqa Restaurant & Coffe Shop

HUQQA and The Market which are subsidiary bodies under the QFood and beverage brand are Dubai’s signature restaurants which makes eating as an ART.

Q Food & Beverage was founded with the idea of redesigning the world’s flavor map by producing concepts. QFOOD, which grabs the attention with its brands in a short time, offers traditional and modern flavors from Turkish and world cuisines with its original interpretation. At the heart of the Dubai Mall, we have two big restaurant brands which are being noticed by locals and tourists. On the other hand, we have another restaurant at the Address Hotel Downtown “The Galliard”, A high class restaurant which can be distinguished among other concept restaurants.

The Galliard is serving you a harmony of Mediterranean-Turkish fusion recipes mixed with French, Italian and Spanish tastes under an atmosphere of art and music focusing on entertaining guests with the charming architectural designs of Venetian terrazzo. While feasting your eyes on some of the restaurant’s signature dishes and delicious deserts you can enjoy the music played by famous DJ’s from Turkey, Spain and Lebanon. The Galliard is a conceptual distinctive restaurant which aims to serve parties and themed entertainment nights and brunches. We love to be innovative, our customers are special and giving them value added service is our mission, customer satisfaction is our motto. The Galliard, a sophisticated cocktail bar and an open-air terrace that boasts up-close and stunning views of the iconic Burj Khalifa. The Galliard is Dubai’s most eagerly awaited hotspot and brings surprises by way of dancing waiters, flamboyant service, live entertainment and much more which will cater for foodies, party-goers and jet-setters alike.


Kaftan Restaurant Café

KAFTAN brings the spirit of Ottoman & Turkish cuisine to the heart of Dubai at a unique locations with a spectacular view of Burj Al Arab and La Mer South beach. Turkish hospitality & culture, chefs and our team members will entertain all of our valuable guests with enthusiastic and interactive service approach and a wide selection of delicacies being served.

The menu at Kaftan keeps traditional elements of Ottoman & Turkish cooking alive while creating a contemporary cuisine and a fusion representation for modern Dubai clientele.

We are dedicated to perfection; therefore, we are pleased to provide our guest a total experience comprised of Ottoman & Turkish delicacies, great ambiance with a twist of contemporary kaftan art selections, minimalist & spacious interior design, soft and glistering tones of lightening, exquisite service approach and much more.


Sirali Restaurant

Sıralı settle with a vision to introduce the regional flavors of the Turkish cuisine to all over the world.

It all started with our passion for food. And the first heartbeats started in Antalya.. Our family’s classic recipes turned into groundbreaking flavors with innovative experiments.. This love flourished, flourished and Sıralı “Ankara” came to life.

Our adventure which continues with the excitement on the first day, now proceeds with Dubai. Very soon, those palate cracking legendary flavors will be in front of you…



Turkish Village Restaurant

Arguably the most authentic Turkish Dining Experience in the whole of UAE and Dubai. Launched in March 2013 in Dubai, Turkish Village Restaurant now boasts three branches across this amazing city.

With our flagship branch in Jumeirah equipped for a capacity of 500 people, our Dubai Festival City Mall Branch and our newly opened Turkish Village Gourmet branch in Jumeirah 3, add 250 and 150 respectively to that total.

Taste, quality, and presentation are ever present in our menu which is undoubtedly the most enticing selection of Turkish dishes in Dubai as well as being the most authentic representation of Turkey’s seven regions and its rich, colorful history.

We pride ourselves on using the best and freshest ingredients with an unwavering commitment to quality and service. Our signature dishes include; Metre Kebab – a metre long serving of Kebab is an evolution and celebration of the many different types of kebab; Sultan Platter – a feast for a sultan with a selection of premium meats & chicken marinated in our signature sauce and grilled to mouth-watering perfection and Kuzu Tandir – lamb shanks cooked slowly for hours resulting in soft, tender meat that falls away from the bone.

With three branches now covering Dubai and operated by our Turkish food service team, we work together to perfect the Turkish experience for you. Our staff is knowledgeable, welcoming and warm and is above all dedicated to providing you with the best Turkish dining experience in

Dubai with passion and commitment.

Turkish Village Restaurant is located in Jumeirah 1 opposite Spinneys and in Dubai Festival City Mall along the waterfront. Turkish Village Gourmet is situated opposite Burj Al Arab in Jumeirah