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Real Estate

Orient World Commercial Broker LLC

Orient World is a dynamic and innovative consulting company specializing in investments in Dubai, Gulf, Central Asian Countries and Turkey.

We act with the principle of providing international standards and quality service to our customers in our Investment and Management Consultancy. Our company has a long-term trust relationship by considering each customer with exclusivity. Orient World has been providing outstanding services to its customers since founding with regional language staff. We provide solutions to our customers with ” INDIVIDUAL ” service concept and for this reason it has reached a very large customer base operating in different fields. Our qualified consultants, who are committed to quality service, can reliably conclude bureaucratic formalities quickly for you. Our company offers its services with passion and eagerness with both our office in Istanbul and Dubai.

Orient World has business and business connections in sectors such as Company Establishments, Construction, Investment Management, Real Estate, Energy, Tourism, Hotel Management and Logistics.

It also carries out exclusive portfolios of multinational companies in Durable Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Accommodation and Entertainment, Logistics, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Service, Technology and Telecommunication Sectors.


Reidin – Real Estate Information

Since 2007, REIDIN has been known for being the leading provider of property data and real estate information company for emerging markets. From being the first company to offer price indices enriched with hard-to-get real estate data in Turkey and UAE, REIDIN has become a global player in Data Analytics and Data Science utilizing the most advanced AI algorithms and techniques to process large amounts of its proprietary and client data.

REIDIN provides a key market intelligence tools for professional in the real estate and retail industries to make better strategic decisions, increase revenues, lower costs, and beat competition.

Among REIDIN’s clients are government organizations, banks, insurance companies, retailers, property developers, brokers, consultants, and appraisers.