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One of the most striking developments towards the end of the 20th century that was caused by the increasing trading volume as a result of the globalization was that the local companies were exposed to the opportunity of creating big brands within the scale of the world. 

The meaning of globalization for most of the companies of our country that are used to manufacturing under the conditions based on human power and away from competition in the 70s and 80s was losing their share in the market to multi national brands. 

Our company has adopted the principles of strengthening its adventures in the advertising and promotion sector with the advanced technology investments that will employ quick adaptation to the changing conditions; by prioritizing the necessity of manufacturing in compliance with the norms of The Customs Union and the European Union and by aiming to extend its leading position in the local market to the world market, our company that pioneered in increasing the efficiency without making concession from the quality and that developed manufacturing and design technology that is being carried out completely as computer aided, that adopted the principle of attempts of presenting the nicest manufactured goods to its exclusive customers from all over the world, that internalized the global values and the quality awareness that target the quality standards such as ISO 9001, and especially that is expert human resourced who focused the chemical treatment units that reflect the environment protection awareness, professionalism and creativity is the legal owner of the MODÜL brand and the manufacturer of the registered products which have become a worldwide brand. 

Our company has enriched its catalogue content and the product scale towards the expectations of our customers and presented it to your assessments with the purpose of sharing.

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