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Remote Meeting Management/Hosting/Interpretation and Translation Services

Established by two founding partners with 15 years of experience in event management and conference interpreting industries, İkraglobal serves you as a solution partner in forums, conferences, business, press, year-end, kick-off meetings and all other promotional activities. İkraglobal adopts a “one-stop-shop” approach with its Event, Language Services, and Technical Equipment departments, and operates with the philosophy that “every meeting has its own dynamics” tailoring its services to client-specific requirements. We provide excellent quality simultaneous interpretation and written translation in all languages including Arabic, Turkısh, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Persian.

Rapidly changing technologies and the recent COVID-19 pandemic have paid the way for the revisiting of old habits in many business sectors. Expos, meetings, conferences, etc. —which cannot be held face-to-face— are organized online. In order to seamlessly organize such events, platforms including Skype, Zoom, Messenger, providing the “Remote Meeting” opportunity have started to be actively used.

In addition to remote interpreting services for international meetings, expos, focus group interviews, training, etc., we offer “Remote Meeting Management” and hosting services where we organize every step from the preparation to the end.
Remote Meeting Management includes the below services:

  • Announcing the event organization to the target audience
  • Technical support
  • Voice and video record
  • Group rooms management for group interviews
  • Interpreting services if required (*)

For detailed information about other services and questions, please contact us at
info@ikraglobal.com and bgokgun@ikraglobal.com