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Crimson Education

Crimson Education is the world’s leading US/UK college admissions consulting company. Crimson Education takes college admissions counseling to a new level of personalization and success, increasing students’ chances of admission to the Ivy League, Oxbridge, and other top universities by up to 700% by creating personalized teams comprised of the top tutors, mentors, and admissions experts. 

Our one-on-one sessions ensure that Crimson students get the support they need to stand out in today’s highly competitive college admissions race. 

Our services: 

Crimson’s bespoke services help students to achieve their educational aims. 

  • Admissions Consulting
  • Career and Mentoring
  • Extracurricular and Leadership
  • Standardized Test Tutoring
  • Sports Recruitment
  • Merit & Need-Based Scholarships

Our Results: 

  • 576 Offers to the Ivy League
  • 231 Offers to Oxford or Cambridge
  • 3,800+ Offers to the US Top 50 universities
  • 1,800+ Offers to the UK Top 10 universities
  • 600+ Offers to the UC’s including UCLA and UC Berkeley
  • 200+ Offers to the world’s best STEM universities including MIT, Caltech, Stanford, and more.

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